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Scientific researcher at Agronomic Institute (IAC) in the Citrus Research Center Sylvio Moreira (CCSM). My research interest focus in citrus bacteria including benefic and pathogenic ones, specifically Xylella fastidiosa

Role in BeXyl Project: Active participation in: 1) Host range pathogenicity of X. fastidiosa strains; 2) Population biology and genomics of X. fastidiosa strains; 3) Thermal treatments for sanitization of propagative vegetative materials; 4) Identification of plant resistance for X. fastidiosa in woody crops.

Fernando Fermoso

Fernando Fermoso

Role: Institutional Leader

Research Scientist at the Instituto de la Grasa, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC-IG). His research focus on developing systems that combine recovery processes, such as the extraction of bioactive compounds, along with subsequent stabilization processes, such...