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JULY 2023

Main topic:The research on Xylella fastidiosa and the plant nursery sector, a talk to H. Raaijmakers and J. Pages from the European Nurserystock Association (ENA)

In the news:The 4th European conference on Xf, one month to go – A new section in the website

JUNE 2023

Main topic: We met Ofir Bahar from ARO-VOL for a snapshot of the X. fastidiosa outbreak in Israel

In the news:Still time to apply for the BeXyl-related PostDoc position in France – EFSA adds 12 new plant species to the Xf host database 

MAY 2023

Main topic: we met Antonio Vicent from IVIA for a snapshot of the X. fastidiosa outbreak in Alicante, Spain

In the news:Summary of the final spring webinar of the Xylella Files initiative – The mystery of “Fastidious X” – Studies on the priming mechanism against Xf – New estimates on the Xf outbreak in Apulia

APRIL 2023

Main topic: We met Prof. Pablo J. Zarco-Tejada from the University of Melbourne for an update on the contribution of remote sensing and precision agriculture in the X. fastidiosa management

In the news: First report on Xf in almond trees in Lebanon – Olive-trees grafting class for students in Apulia – A model to predict P. spumarius egg hatching in Spain – Eucalyptus oil allays symptoms of Xf infection in almond plants

MARCH 2023

Main topic: BIOVEXO, biocontrol solutions against Xf. Talk with S. Compant and P. Saldarelli
In the news:Grafting campaign for centuries-old olive trees starts in Puglia – Update of the Xf demarcated areas in Portugal – New techniques in xylem microbiome studies – Registration for the 4th Xylella fastidiosa EU conference is open


Main topic: Xylella in the EU, 10 years after
In the news:

The botanic gardens in BeXyl, a webinar for Latin America – New paper on sentinel plants for pests’ early detection – BeXyl in the Spanish press – First Xf introduction in France might date back to 1970s


Main topic: Xf on citrus in Portugal
In the news:

EFSA on X. taiwanensis – EU law essay focuses on Xf case – BBC report on the “Xylella Detection Dogs” – 15 new plant species added to the Xf host database


Main topic: Our website is running! Check what’s in it!
In the news: Publications on Xf genetics – BioVexo meeting in Mallorca – Management strategies in the Balearis Islands – New detections in France


Main topic: The BeXyl Project kicked off with an extraordinary event in Cordoba.
In the news: BeXyl short presentation tour – New Xf demarcated area in Apulia – New EPPO quarantine pests list – Prepare to be prepared – Next Events