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APRIL 2024

In this issue:
How do farmers’ views on pest control affect the acceptance of IPM programmes for X. fastidiosa? BeXyl aims to answer this question too. Rachel Orchard, Forest Research UK, tells us more about the first phase of field research in this area.

The news: 
Xylella seminars’ series updates

MARCH 2024

In this issue:
How to manage a new strain in a Region, conversation with Andreu Serra, chief of the NPPO of Balearic Islands

The news: 
Behind the scenes of the comic strip on Xylella fastidiosa and upcoming meetings of the Xylella seminars’ series 


In this issue:
We met Vicente Dalmau, Head of the Plant Health Service at the Generalitat Valenciana, to find out more about managing plant health emergencies.

The news: 
Two new findings in Europe: Xf subspecies fastidiosa in Apulia, and pauca ST53 in Mallorca


Main topic: The Cordoba Olive Germplasm Bank and BeXyl: conversation with Angjelina Belaj 

In the news: Abstract submissions open for the International Conference on Plant Pathogenic Bacteria


Main topic:The International conference on Xf in Madrid and the BeXyl Project 1st general assembly

In the news: BeXyl and EFSA take over the organization of the Xylella Files webinars


Main topic:We met Enrique Quesada from University of Cordoba on the role of insects killer fungi to treat plant diseases

In the news:Spanish researchers start Xf pilot treatments with phages – The resume of the Xylella Files webinars 


Main topic: an overview of the 4th European conference on Xylella fastidiosa, just an appetiser!

In the news: a documentary on the social, economic and ecologic impact of Xf in Apulia, and an animated video to present BeXyl

JULY 2023

Main topic:The research on Xylella fastidiosa and the plant nursery sector, a talk to H. Raaijmakers and J. Pages from the European Nurserystock Association (ENA)

In the news:The 4th European conference on Xf, one month to go – A new section in the website

JUNE 2023

Main topic: We met Ofir Bahar from ARO-VOL for a snapshot of the X. fastidiosa outbreak in Israel

In the news:Still time to apply for the BeXyl-related PostDoc position in France – EFSA adds 12 new plant species to the Xf host database 

MAY 2023

Main topic: we met Antonio Vicent from IVIA for a snapshot of the X. fastidiosa outbreak in Alicante, Spain

In the news:Summary of the final spring webinar of the Xylella Files initiative – The mystery of “Fastidious X” – Studies on the priming mechanism against Xf – New estimates on the Xf outbreak in Apulia

APRIL 2023

Main topic: We met Prof. Pablo J. Zarco-Tejada from the University of Melbourne for an update on the contribution of remote sensing and precision agriculture in the X. fastidiosa management

In the news: First report on Xf in almond trees in Lebanon – Olive-trees grafting class for students in Apulia – A model to predict P. spumarius egg hatching in Spain – Eucalyptus oil allays symptoms of Xf infection in almond plants

MARCH 2023

Main topic: BIOVEXO, biocontrol solutions against Xf. Talk with S. Compant and P. Saldarelli
In the news:Grafting campaign for centuries-old olive trees starts in Puglia – Update of the Xf demarcated areas in Portugal – New techniques in xylem microbiome studies – Registration for the 4th Xylella fastidiosa EU conference is open


Main topic: Xylella in the EU, 10 years after
In the news:

The botanic gardens in BeXyl, a webinar for Latin America – New paper on sentinel plants for pests’ early detection – BeXyl in the Spanish press – First Xf introduction in France might date back to 1970s


Main topic: Xf on citrus in Portugal
In the news:

EFSA on X. taiwanensis – EU law essay focuses on Xf case – BBC report on the “Xylella Detection Dogs” – 15 new plant species added to the Xf host database


Main topic: Our website is running! Check what’s in it!
In the news: Publications on Xf genetics – BioVexo meeting in Mallorca – Management strategies in the Balearis Islands – New detections in France


Main topic: The BeXyl Project kicked off with an extraordinary event in Cordoba.
In the news: BeXyl short presentation tour – New Xf demarcated area in Apulia – New EPPO quarantine pests list – Prepare to be prepared – Next Events