Xylella, from emergency to management

Integrated Management Strategies for Mitigating Xylella fastidiosa impact in Europe

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In a nutshell

The bacterium Xylella fastidiosa is one of the most threatening plant pathogens in the world

The BeXyl Project gathers the top worldwide scientists and stakeholders to find new strategies to mitigate the impact of the Xylella fastidiosa outbreaks in the EU

A worldwide project

31 partners from 14 countries and a stakeholder’s board with more than 40 government agencies, NGOs, nurseries, and farmer’s associations

The Goal

creating a community of scientists, citizens, and end-users, such as farmers to policymakers, to shorten the distance between research and on-field applications

The methodology

a multidisciplinary approach to fill the knowledge gaps on Xf and develop practical solutions to manage the outbreaks

Latest Updates

In line with the EU Plant Health Law approach, the BeXyl Project aims to strengthen the two pillars of plant protection: prevention and control

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