The National Institute of Agricultural Technology is a vanguard organization in Argentina, leader in the agricultural, food and agro-industrial technological scenario. It works in a decentralized manner with operational and financial autarky, and functionally depends on the Ministry of Agroindustry. Created in 1956, since then, it has developed innovations in both research and extension, in the different productive value chains, regions and territories, to improve competitiveness, the country’s sustainable rural development and the living conditions of rural families.


  • Patricia Tolocka
  • Barbara Defea
  • Marìa Andrea Calahorra
  • Analía Delina Dumon
  • Alvaro Foieri
  • Fabiana Aída Guzmán
  • Raquel Haelterman
  • Fernanda Mattio
  • Monica Esther Maria Roca
  • Maria Laura Otero
  • Susana Paradell
  • Guillermo Sánchez
  • Franco Fernandez
UCO – Universidad de Cordoba

UCO – Universidad de Cordoba

Although it was established in 1972, UCO is the inheritor of the Free University of Córdoba (Universidad Libre de Córdoba), which operated in the province in the late 19th century. Centenary institutions like the Faculty of Veterinary Science depend on UCO. UCO stands...