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ACIES BIO is a leading European microbial biotechnology company that develops new bioproducts and sustainable production processes, from ideation to 10 m3 fermentation volume. In 15 years since our foundation, the company’s staff of more than 100 scientists has developed numerous industrial technologies and bioprocesses using ACIES BIO SmartRoute platform, leveraging our integrated, end-to-end R&D capabilities, proprietary chassis strains, and streamlined project management. Key activities include algorithm-supported strain design and media development, automated microfluidics-supported ultra-high throughput strain selection and optimization of precision fermentation processes, and isolation of final products. ACIES BIO horizontal technology platforms have so far supported more than 60 industrial partners and customers from diverse market segments, including agriculture, food & feed, biomaterials, and chemicals & pharmaceuticals segments.


Enej Kuscer
Gregor Kosec
Martin Kavscek
Tina Kogej

UCO – Universidad de Cordoba

UCO – Universidad de Cordoba

Although it was established in 1972, UCO is the inheritor of the Free University of Córdoba (Universidad Libre de Córdoba), which operated in the province in the late 19th century. Centenary institutions like the Faculty of Veterinary Science depend on UCO. UCO stands...