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Check the new website out!

Dec 4, 2022 | News

The new website bexylproject.com is online. Welcome to the projects’ showcase, the repository of all materials, and the communication workshop!
The Home Page displays two primary colors: green from the BeXyl Project visual identity and blue from the European Union flag. The new website ‘s design has been conceived to reach every page through the home page with one or two clicks. 

The “About Us” section contains the general description of the project, the list of partners and participants with a few lines describing the research team, a summary of the research lines of the project, the links to external previous EU-funded research projects such as XF-ACTORS and POnTE. 

The “Updates” section is for relevant news and calls within the project, and for flagging events.
In the next weeks the website will have a “Members Area”. If you are part of the consortium, you will find in that section all the material (presentations, pictures, papers, minutes) produced in the project. It will be a one-stop information spot reserved for the participants in the project.
The Newsletter is the product you are reading and, hopefully, enjoying. Subscribe and contribute to making it bigger ????

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