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Research Scientist at the Department of Plant Pathology and Weed Research , Agricultural Research Organization – Volcani Institute (ARO-VOL). More than 15 years of experience in Plant pathology and Molecular Microbiology. 

Role in BeXyl Project: Work Package 4 leader. Active participation in: 1) Host range and pathogenicity of Xf strains; 2) Population biology and genomics of Xf strains; 3) Development of a global model for Xf detection and monitoring using remote sensing; 4) Developing genomics tools linked to Xf resistance and their application for germplasm screening genomics-assisted breeding; 5) Selection of natural and synthetic antibacterial and defence elicitor compounds against Xf. 

ORCID: 0000-0001-5593-9136

Mail: ofirb@agri.gov.il

Twitter: @ofirbahar

Pablo Zarco-Tejada

Pablo Zarco-Tejada

Role: Work Package 2 co-leader

Pablo J. Zarco-Tejada, Professor in Remote Sensing & Precision Agriculture. Leader of the Hyperspectral and Thermal Remote Sensing Laboratory (HyperSens) established jointly between the School of Agriculture and Food (SAF) and the Faculty of Engineering and...